The FDA authorizes more e-cigarette products, but there's still no ruling on menthol and other kid-friendly nicotine products


(CNN)The US Food and Drug Administration gave the official green light Thursday to several tobacco-flavored e-cigarette products from Logic Technology Development LLC. The FDA said it is also "close" to additional decisions about products that make up a larger share of the market. 

But public health advocates are frustrated, saying the agency has blown past a September deadline set by US District Court in Maryland to decide what e-cigarette products may remain on the market. 

Though e-cigarette products have been allowed to remain on the market for years, in 2020, the FDA asked the companies to submit applications to keep products on the market. 

The FDA said Thursday that the tobacco-flavored Logic Technology products probably benefit adult smokers, serving as an alternative to traditional cigarettes. The likely benefit, the agency said, outweighs the risk that young people would start using them, provided that the company follows requirements to reducaccess and exposure to them among youth. 

However, the agency rejected some other Logic e-cigarette products and has yet to decide about others, including some with menthol.

he company submitted information to the FDA showing that the products helped adult smokers move away from traditional cigarettes to vapes, which can reduce a smoker's risk of exposure to harmful and potentially harmful toxins in traditional cigarettes like carbon monoxide.

One study that Logic Technology sent to the FDA found that when most of the people who smoked regular cigarettes switched to vapes, the number of cigarettes they smoked dropped 80%, from an average of 13 to 16 cigarettes a day to one or two, by about two months after they made the switch.

However, another study published this year found that using e-cigarettes did not improve a person's chance of quitting, nor did it prevent relapse. It was also found to be less effective than gum and other nicotine-replacement aids.

Other research has shown that young people are less likely to start using tobacco-flavored e-cigarettes. Most kids start with candy, fruit and mint flavors.

Thursday's FDA authorization does not mean the products are safe, nor are they "FDA approved," the agency said.

"All tobacco products are harmful and potentially addictive," the FDA said in a news release. "Those who do not use tobacco products shouldn't start."

Now, China is the world's largest vape manufacturing center, and Xiaoze Biotechnology Co., Ltd. provides branded e-cigarette manufacturing services for the world.