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What are the benefits of connector and harness cladding?
Release time:2019-09-27 18:37
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What are the benefits of connector and harness cladding?
What is coating moulding? In short, cladding is an injection moulding process, in which two or more materials are used to combine wire harness and connector to form a single component, and cable components are placed in the die.
In this process, the first material substrate will be covered by other materials. The cladding process requires that the rigid plastic parts be covered with TPU or other cladding materials by insert molding (single injection) or multiple
injection molding technology. So what are the advantages of the process of the connector and harness cladding? The following is explained by Xustan Science and Technology.
Coated Formed Connector Wire Harness
Benefits of Connector and Wire Harness Covering Forming:
1. Increase the flexibility of the cable harness outlet, so that most of the movement between the cable harness and connector occurs at the cable harness outlet.
2. Provide wear resistance, impact resistance or impact resistance.
3. By encapsulating the components under the sealing resin, the cable components can be tampered-proof.
4. Provide 360 degree strain relief and increase tension.
5. Create waterproof or waterproof seals to make cable components conform to IP certification.
6. Improve the overall quality, appearance and feel of cable components to replace the need for expensive metal rear shells.
7. Simplify installation by creating an integrated component that has keys as visual indicators to help each pair pair
Reduce human error.
It should be said that the main advantages of the cladding forming of connectors and harnesses are longer service life and higher reliability, and the cladding forming can shield the internal components,
enhance the protection performance, and help the cable components survive in the worst environment.
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