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The differences between Mini and Micro USB connectors are in
Release time:2019-09-27 18:29
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The differences between Mini and Micro USB connectors are introduced.
Common serial bus in daily life is called USB. In fact, USB defines connectors, cables and communication protocols used in interconnection communication between computers and other electronic devices. With the continuous development of technology, the types of USB connectors are gradually expanding, among which Mini-type and Micro-type USB connectors often confuse consumers. Here we introduce the differences between Mini-type and Micro-type USB connectors, hoping that consumers can distinguish them.
Mini and Micro USB Interface Connectors
Mini and Micro connectors do differ, but they also have similarities. Mini USB is smaller than standard USB connector, and Micro USB is smaller than Mini USB. Although they all have the same function, the efficiency is slightly biased towards Micro USB, because the five pins with ID pins on the two plugs do not work on Mini USB, but they work in MicroUSB.
In addition, Mini USB can mainly perform the role of transmitting or storing data, while MicroUSB can also be used as a charger connector. Finally, they have a life cycle. Mini USB has only 5,000 cycles, while MicroUSB has 10,000 cycles.
At present, one of the reasons for preferring Mini USB is that it will become the main USB interface connector for mobile devices sooner or later. This is because mobile companies have agreed to make miniature USB ports for connection and charging. In fact, compared with Micro USB, Mini USB can maintain more connections with a large number of devices, but current and new technologies support MicroUSB more, especially mobile phones.
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