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Overview of USB Type-A/B/C Interface Connector Knowledge!
Release time:2019-09-27 19:02
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Overview of USB Type-A/B/C Interface Connector Knowledge!
In the current society, USB connector is ubiquitous. USB interface has become the main standard of data transmission and communication between PC and other electronic devices.
This article mainly introduces some knowledge of USB Type-A/B/C interface connector for Xustan connector manufacturer.
Although the standard of USB interface has existed for a long time, the standard of USB connector has not really experienced many major versions.
Common types of USB connectors are mainly divided into three categories: USB Type-A connector, USB Type-B connector and USB Type-C connector.
Although USB Type-A is the most common USB connector at present, it is gradually being phased out by USB Type-C connector, and will not be fully adopted in a few years.
Usually, the USB 3.0 connector corresponds to the USB Type-A connector, which is usually blue.
USB Type-A Interface Connector
USB Type-A接口连接器
Introduction of USB Type-B Interface Connector:
USB Type-B接口连接器
USB Type-B connectors are used for large devices, most commonly printer devices. Because these are relatively large connectors, they are rarely seen in portable consumer devices.
There are two main versions of USB Type-B. The first is the square USB Type-B connector, which is usually used in USB 2.0 or lower.
The second is the USB Type-B connector, which is usually used in USB 3.0 or later.
In addition, the compatibility of USB Type-B connectors with different specifications is very difficult. Although USB 2.0 Type-B connectors can be backward compatible with USB 1.0,
they may not be forward compatible with some USB Type-B ports of USB 3.0. The USB Type-B port for USB 3.0 was later modified as a backward compatible USB Type-B interface connector. In addition to different shape sizes,
USB Type-B connectors for USB 3.0 usually have blue plug-ins.
USB Type-B Interface Connector
Introduction of USB Type-C Interface Connector:
USB Type-C接口连接器
As the latest and best type of USB connector, USB Type-C connector is superior to all other types of USB connector in all respects. It has more pins for data transmission,
higher power transmission capacity, and more durable. Its 24 pins can be reused for non-USB data transmission protocols, thus reducing the number of ports required by mobile devices.
Moreover, the USB Type-C interface connector is much smaller than the USB A connector, which means that more ports can be installed in the same surface area.
In addition, the USB Type-C connector has enabled many functions that other USB connector types can not achieve, so that smartphones can now enjoy faster transmission speed, and laptops can be powered by USB.
The most important thing is that it is reversible, so you can insert it without checking which side is started.
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