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Waterproof Line Processing
Release time:2019-09-27 19:00
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Waterproof Line Processing
As for the pre-assembly process, the first task is to make KIT from the plastic parts of the open and pressed wires according to the process instructions,
which will help to reduce the investment cost of assembly line equipment, reduce the difficulty of assembly operation and reduce the total assembly operator.
For simple automobile wiring harness, we can cancel the pre-assembly directly, but for complex automobile wiring harness, we usually set the pre-assembly station first;
then the assembly process, according to the process instructions, the pre-assembly wiring harness will be arranged orderly on the assembly tooling board,
and complete the finishing of wiring harness, winding tape, binding karting, installation of rubber parts and other accessories.
The last is the post-assembly process, which includes installation bracket, live detection, full size detection and bundling packaging.
Types of automobile wiring harness: engine wiring harness, connecting various sensors and actuators on the engine, around the engine;
instrument panel wiring harness, connecting with the body or chassis wiring harness, walking along the pipe beam to connect various electrical components
on the dashboard, such as combination instrument, air conditioning switch,
receiver and cigarette lighter; body wiring harness, 1. The front harness, coming from the cab, connects the front fence with the front fender and the front bumper skeleton,
such as the side steering lamp and the front combination lamp. Horn, electronic fan, etc.

Wire harness is used in many industries to process wire harness. It helps a lot in various industries. It will perform better in our life. Wire harness processing,
no matter what kind of products are produced, the control of product quality should be a problem involved.
Wire harness manufacturer should control the quality of products in this way: it is necessary to train the relevant occupations of employees,
and it is better for each workshop to arrange corresponding technicians to conduct on-site guidance and solve problems, and also to do a good job of reward and punishment measures for employees.
A quality department can be set up, which needs to supervise every link of wire harness processing every day, take corresponding photographs, and then reward and punish in a week.
The existing production technology should be updated at any time, the working hours and procedures of wire rod processing should be continuously measured,
and the existing technology should be constantly improved and corrected. The production department should make the production plan in time,
and inform the technical and quality department to monitor the new products.
With the continuous development and technological innovation of our company, we can now provide all-round wiring harness manufacturing for new and old customers.
Products are widely used in computers, household appliances, instruments, automobiles, construction machinery, agricultural machinery and other high-tech electrical products.

Power lines are thick wires that carry large currents, while signal lines are fine wires that do not carry power. For example, the cross-sectional area of conductors used in signal circuits is 0.3 and 0.5 mm.
2. In addition to considering the electrical performance, the selection of electric wires is also restricted by the physical performance of the vehicle,
so the selection range is very wide. Braided network management is used in the wiring of various kinds of automobiles, airplanes, air conditioners and other household appliances.
Automobile wiring harness refers to the components that are made of copper and formed by bonding the contact terminal (connector) with the wire and cable,
then externally moulding and pressing the insulator or the metal shell, etc. to form a connecting circuit by bundling the wire harness. In modern automobiles, there are many wiring harnesses,
and the electronic control system is closely related to the wiring harness.
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